Pete Mania Sound Science Bucktails

Pete Mania Sound Science Bucktails
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Driven by sets of uniquely paired but different blades is what makes the Sound Science Bucktail different than the traditional bucktails on the market today.  What Pete found is by using two different blades the bucktail puts out a different frequency of sound that the muskies have not heard. Each of the different blade configurations sends out a slightly different sound wave, which is why the Sound Science can make a difference in getting bit!



  • Offered in five proven fish catching blade combinations (Pulsator, Sonic Boom, Rolling Thunder, AfterShock, and Tremor)
  • Each blade combination available in five colors - Black, Black/Orange, Bluegill, Firetiger, Walleye
  • Sound Science - uniquely paired blades that give monster fish a new noise - calling them in to strike!
  • Extremely durable and yet flexible skirt materials that come in proven fish catching colors
  • Super sharp treble hooks that will hang on to those monster fish
  • Heavy duty wire that helps avoid mangled baits
  • Years of testing to insure blade rotation
  • Components that are perfectly balanced for the bucktails to track true in the water
  • Bigtooth’s BrNO KeelWt to prevent a rolling bucktail
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