Klack Open Water Bait

Klack Open Water Bait
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It's all about the sound! Monster muskies relate to sound - and this lure produces a unique sound that those giant fish can't resist. The KLACK™ shreds the water and triggers muskies to bite. Fish fast, hard, and cover more water then the next angler with this ultimate search tool. The KLACK™ is made with heavy-duty components and is prepared to be the front gunner in any battle.



  • Klack Blade - It is all about the sound! This is a sound that the fish have not heard before - a unique KLACK and squeal sound that the big fish simply can’t resist!
  • Fishability - The KLACK is a fast moving bait making it the perfect searching lure. This bait can be reeled subsurface or on the surface of the water making it a very versatile and efficient lure
  • Available in five color combinations
  • High hooking percentage design with the body sitting just below the surface of the water
  • Two Treble hook
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