Grassmaster Weed Bulk Jig Heads

Grassmaster Weed Bulk Jig Heads
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Do you fish heavy weeds, grass mats or hydrilla? Or is it hyacinths, lily pads, bulrushes and milfoil? Wherever you have bass using weeds for cover you can fish the Grassmaster Weed Jig. The Grassmaster is built on a super-sharp and 2X strong hook for horsing that big fish out of heavy cover, even with braid! The All-Terrain Tackle “hidden eye” design allows this jig to get in and out of the weeds better than any other jig on the market.

The big 1 ounce is our favorite for flipping super heavy grass mats. This jig was field tested on Lake Okeechobee, Florida where the mats can be so thick that raccoons can walk across them without getting their feet wet! We get the same response from every angler who tries this jig. The Grassmaster Weed Jig comes in four sizes and fifteen different fish catching colors for every situation.


Features & Benefits:


  • Bulk Jig Heads availbale in three per pack
  • Designed to be fished in thick heavy weeds, grass mats and hydrilla
  • Features a recessed vertical line tie that allows the jig to fall vertical and not get caught in vegetation
  • Hidden eye design to get in and out of weeds better
  • Powder-coated paint job for no chipping
  • Features 2X Strong Mustad Ultra Point hook
  • Available in 3 different colors - Black, Green Pumpkin, and Brown
  • Comes in ⅜ oz., ½ oz., ¾ oz. and, 1 oz.
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